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Zibo Linzi Luda Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, total assets of more than 43 million yuan, annual turnover of more than 120 million yuan, and 19 employees. The company is located in the west of Changjia Village, Qidu Town, Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Jiqing Expressway, 309 National Road, Xinhe Road, Bolin Road and Jiaoji Railway traverse the urban area. The traffic conditions are extremely convenient. The company has excellent equipment and advanced technology.
      For many years, the company has been committed to the production of antifungal pharmaceutical intermediates and pesticide intermediates. The main products are 1.3-dichloropropene series products and 1.2-dichloropropane. Among them, (trans) 1.3-dichloropropene is an antifungal pharmaceutical intermediate, which can be used as an intermediate for terbinafine, and (mixed formula) 1.3-dichloropropene can be directly used as a soil fumigant and soil insecticide. Raw materials for the production of "Dorlone" and "Nemagon" new pesticides, etc. 1.2—Dichloropropane can be used as a solvent, mainly used in paint thinners and color dyeing. The products are exported to North America, Western Europe and East Asia, and are deeply trusted by users.
      Over the past few years, with the strong support of leaders at all levels, the company has developed rapidly and its economic benefits have increased year by year. We have always adhered to the tenet of "Quality First, Credit First, Customer First". We have been rated as "Excellent Enterprise" in Linzi District for eight consecutive years, and "Advanced Unit for Safe Production" for ten consecutive years. It is inseparable from the ardent care and support of the bank leaders.

  • 2000


    The company was founded in 2000

  • 300


    More than 300 cooperative customers of the company

  • 30


    Products are exported to more than 30 regions


Entrepreneurship: unity and forge ahead, seeking innovation and pragmatism, dedication and dedication, and the pursuit of excellence
Corporate ethics: selflessness, diligence, unity, self-improvement, politeness, and discipline
Service concept: professionalism, interaction, efficiency, innovation
Customer: Customer satisfaction and success are the most important yardsticks for measuring our work performance
Talent: Talents make enterprises, enterprises create talents
Products: Continuously innovating products are the track of the company's development
Quality: The quality of products and services is the lifeline of the company's development
Brand: Brand is the credibility and economic lifeline of the company's products 




Add: Wutai Caijiaqiao Village North,Linzi District Zibo,Shangdong.China.


Export Department:ludachem@163.com

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